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Pictured front row: Aaron Tomey and Leslie Pryor. Back row from left to right: Steven Artascos, Josh Shaw, Eric Dix and Dave Dinch.

A landscape company with residential and business customers, New Look Landscaping offers a wide range of services: landscape design, new foundation planting, renovation of existing plantings, pruning, maintenance, mulching, clean up, tie walls, water garden installation, planting of trees, shrubs and perennial beds. New Look Landscaping also builds brick and stone patios, stone walkways and stone walls. “Steven Artascos has become a valuable part of our team by enabling us to begin a commercial and residential mowing business. Seven, also a certified electrician, will allow New Look Landscaping to offer home repair and/or landscape lighting in the spring. Steven has worked as an electrician for the last 15 years,” stated Leslie Pryor, owner of New Look Landscaping.

In 1986, Leslie began her own landscaping business, part time as Leslie’s Landscaping. In March of 1997, Leslie partnered with Steve Halow creating New Look Landscaping, a full time venture. In December of 1999, Steve decided to pursue his master’s degree in computer science. “From this partnership I gained a wealth of knowledge which has allowed me to grow as the individual business owner. Steve shared not only his textbook knowledge, but also how to envision the final project and prepare ahead of time for it, by purchasing plants in advance and planning out the stages of the job. I think the main reason we worked so well together was because we shared the same vision of what our completed project would look like,” explained Leslie.

Although the major months of operation are April through December, any time a new job comes up New Look Landscaping will gladly do the work, for instance January 2001 found Leslie and her crew building a stone patio and path. “We moved from one site to the next. It is really what makes our work interesting: a new look and different people every day, ” Leslie noted.

Leslie commented that her business has been successful so far for the same reason that makes New Look Landscaping unique. “We do not just plant trees and shrubs in a yard. I consider us artists; although we do not paint pictures or shape things out of clay our work is very much like painting a picture. Instead of paint, we plan the color, texture and design of the materials we use. Then in the same way that a potter throws a pot, we change the shape and physical features of the landscape. This is achieved by plant placement and often times, by removing existing elements and adding topsoil, stones and other landscape materials,” Leslie explained.

“Not only do you have to know the landscape business but more importantly you have to be able to relate to the customer. Building a friendship with the homeowner and knowing that the customer’s happiness is my success is very important to New Look Landscaping. Making money is important but a reputation is priceless,” stated Leslie.

New Look Landscaping has developed a reputation for being a customer-oriented company – when you buy their services you get personal attention. “Landscaping is a business that has to combine knowledge creativity and incorporate the customer’s ideas and wishes. This results in a long term business relationship, which explains why many of our customers are repeat customers. When a client hires you to work in their yard, they have to trust your ideas and judgment. They must also enjoy your company while you are there,” Leslie noted.

Leslie stated, “One of the things that sets our company apart from the competition is that we will take on any job. The size of the job does not matter. We will even plant a flat of flowers if that is all the customer needs. I have found that if you are willing to do the small jobs, chances are you get called back or they refer you to someone else for other more substantial jobs. We never put a customer on hold to do a bigger job. Jobs are done in the order that we take them. We pay special attention to detail and cleanup.”

New Look Landscaping clients come from the exploding housing and commercial boom in the region, people moving into a previously owned home and people selling their homes. There are also a lot of professionals that simply do not have the time to work in their yards. A lot of customer want their yards and gardens upgraded but do not possess the necessary knowledge to do so themselves.

New Look Landscaping has worked with the Washington Shade Tree Commission as well as the Washington Beautification Committee in the past year. Last year New Look Landscaping had customers honored with Washington County Beautification awards. Robin and Norm Richards’ home was chosen first place for the residential and the Washington County Tourism Promotion Agency’s office, located at the former B & O Railroad station on Main Street, was also awarded first place for renovation and restoration. (See the article)

“As in any business, if you surround yourself with good people you can trust, your job becomes much easier,” explained Leslie. Debbie Standiford is the book keeper. Aaron Tomey is the crew manager, he has worked with the company for the last four years. Aaron writes estimates and is in charge of the crew on jobs. He is also good and designing planting schemes. Christ Pryor, who is graduating from St. Vincent College this year, has been a member of the landscape crew every summer while in school.


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